Questions about buying with Bidrax? We have answers.

What is Bidrax?

It’s a way to name your own price in retail stores on select merchandise, letting you negotiate and get precisely the deals you want without having to haggle and be…you know…that person.

What if my offer is declined?

If your initial offer is declined, don’t give up! You get a total of three (3) offers (“bids”) per item in a 24-hour period. Tip: Sometimes, even after your three bids are declined, the store may make you a Counter Offer. 

How much should I offer?

This is entirely up to you. Try not to think about what the price should be. Rather, just answer the question: “What would you like to pay?” Different items are worth different amounts to different people at different times. Start by naming the price you want and see what happens…

How big of a discount can I get?

This will vary greatly depending on the specific item and the retailer. Sometimes you may get 20% off, other times you may get those $200 jeans for $50 or less. You just never know.

If my offer is accepted, can I bid again on that item?

No, once an offer is accepted and you have won, you have successfully purchased the item for your price and bidding on that particular item is closed.

If my offer is accepted, how do I pay?

Once your Bidrax account is active, all payments are handled instantly and securely in the background using your preferred credit/debit account.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes, extremely secure. Bidrax never stores your credit card information. In fact, neither does the retailer. We use the same secure payment gateway used by trusted companies like Lyft, SalesForce, Kickstarter and Open Table to ensure your account data is always safe and secure.

What about returns and/or exchanges?

This is up to the retailer. Each store has its own policies regarding returns and exchanges. Bidrax is just helping the two of you communicate about price, but other transaction details are between you and the retailer.

Do I get a receipt?

Within 24-hours of your purchase, you will receive a receipt via email that includes the specific items you purchased prices you paid.

Where can I use Bidrax?

At a growing number of retailers selling…well…everything! From clothing, apparel and shoes to wine, appliances and bicycles, it can work anywhere that anything is being sold. It can even work for garage sales, estate sales or flea markets. If Bidrax is not available at your favorite store, ask them about it. Have them get in touch with us at Bidrax.com. Or, send us an email with the name and location of the store. We would be happy to set them up!

Do I need a smartphone?

Yes, to use Bidrax you must have access to a smartphone.

Do I need WiFi to use Bidrax?

No, you do not. You just need a cellular connection. In other words, if you are somewhere you can make a call, you can use Bidrax.

What if I know a store that would be perfect for Bidrax?

We would love to help, just let us know where and what and whom to talk to!

What if I have an idea for Bidrax?

Send us an email at comments@bidrax.com we would love to hear your suggestions. We have lots of features in mind that we will be introducing over the coming months, but we want to create a product that does what YOU want it to do. We are here to make shopping a better and more fun experience for everybody. Tell us how we can best make that happen for you.

How are you?

Good, thanks.

Other Questions?

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