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sell_tools.jpg8 Great Tips for Retailers

Bidrax is a tool and, like any tool, can be used in multiple ways depending on your needs. Here are a few suggestions based on retailer feedback and experience.

1. Create a Bidrax section.

Having an area of the store where users know everything is on Bidrax works well. Shoppers can focus on finding the right items rather than looking for Bidrax tags. We can help you set that up so shoppers know where to go and what to do.

2. Create a virtual clearance rack.

By replacing a potentially unsightly clearance rack with a Bidrax section, you can avoid cheapening your merchandise and your brand image. You also can keep dialing minimum prices down until the merchandise moves when you need it to.

3. Use Bidrax for pre-sale discounts.

Bidrax can create a new category of discount, "Pre-Sale". These are items scheduled to be discounted but items that some shoppers may still be willing to pay full price for. Add a Bidrax tag, keep your existing price tag and you have the best of both worlds. In a week, they will be publicized as 50% off, but you can use Bidrax to start at 20% and make your way to 50% over the course of the week, adjusting up or down as you go depending on inventory, sales volume, store environment, etc.

4. Create a Bidrax treasure hunt.

Try scattering Bidrax tags throughout the store. Let your shoppers know. This is a fun and effective way to get users digging deeper into your inventory, looking for an opportunity to get a deal. On the way, they are sure to discover some great merchandise they might otherwise have missed. Maybe there's a handful of 75% off items out there there someplace. Remember, you don't need to offer huge discount. Maybe it's just 10% off a specific size or color of your hottest, best-selling sweater - perhaps in a size/color for which you just happen to have "extra" inventory. It's all up to you. You know your store and your shoppers.

5. Partner with your shoppers and talk about Bidrax.

Make sure your shoppers know about it and encourage them to play the game. You can easily position Bidrax as a 3rd party entity by offering suggestions to your in-store Bidrax users. Work together with your shoppers to help them benefit from Bidrax; let them feel you are on their side, trying to beat the system. 

6. Reward loyal customers.

By communicating to your 5-star customers about items on Bidrax, perhaps through pictures on Instagram, e-mail, or just word-of-mouth, your loyal shoppers will feel they are getting exclusive deals.

7. Play with the minimums!

By adjusting your minimum price from time-to-time, perhaps occasionally making extremely large discounts available, you will intensify the "game" element for your shoppers and generate some great buzz around your brand. When a shopper hits one of these great deals, they will feel justified buying additional items from you (after they squeal in delight and get your other shoppers excited). They are also likely to brag to their friends and post about your store on social media. Most importantly, chances are you now have those shoppers - and their friends - as new loyal customers.

8. Make it fun!

Whether through discovery or just a slammin' good deal, let Bidrax create part of your store's fun. We all know that fun stores fare much better than boring ones.

Bidrax Works

Here are some examples of Bidrax at work.

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