FAQs for Sellers

Selling with Bidrax: FAQs

Is Bidrax a website? Or is it an app?

Bidrax is a smartphone app. Although many aspects of Bidrax may look and feel like ecommerce, Bidrax is a tool to be used by shoppers in-store, resulting in real-time transactions.

Is it expensive to set up?

Nope. It costs literally nothing. No investment, no commitment; use it as much or as little as you like.

Do customers like it?

Yep. Early trials results: 96% of users had an "excellent" or "very good" experience. 

What is the cost to me as the retailer?

Bidrax charges you $1 per completed transaction. In return we cover all associated credit card fees and processing charges.

If Bidrax makes you extra money by generating conversions at a pricepoint higher than your minimum price, we share the lift - 70% (you) to 30% (Bidrax). Let's say you have a sweater on clearance with a minimum bid of $20. It actually sells for $30 through Bidrax:

$30 (selling price) - $20 (minimum) = $10 (lift)

You get: Your minimum ($20) PLUS 70% of the "lift"

Bidrax gets: 30% of the lift

I have clearance sales a couple times a year. Why do I need Bidrax?

We are not here to replace your sales strategy, rather to give you some options to enhance it. Why use a machete when you have access to a scalpel? You may feel good about your discounting strategy and we're certainly not here to argue with that...but as any business owner knows, things can always be better. Why give a 50% discount when your shopper would be just as happy, even more excited, with a 40% discount? We have yet to meet a retailer who objects to extra revenue through higher profits by using a free system that also gives their shoppers a more positive shopping experience.

How is Bidrax different from eBay?

With Bidrax it all happens in the store so shoppers can touch and feel the merchandise before they make an offer. They also receive the instant gratification of being able to take the item home with them once their offer is accepted. For you, Bidrax lets you skip the process of listing your item, taking pictures, writing descriptions and ultimately packaging and shipping to buyers.

What about returns and exchanges?

That's totally up to you. Bidrax will email your shoppers a receipt for their Bidrax purchases as proof of the transaction, including items purchased and prices paid. 

What if a shopper changes their mind after "winning" an item?

We make it very clear to Bidrax users that an accepted offer triggers an automatic purchase at that price. However, if you feel it is necessary to keep your shopper happy, you can easily delete items from their Bidrax Cart at your discretion prior to the Purchase Confirmation at no expense to you or to your shopper.

What products are sold with Bidrax?

Just about anything, actually. But these products often do particularly well:

  • Sale items
  • Pre-Sale items - items likely headed for the Sale Rack that you aren't quite ready to give up on
  • Seasonal products - patio furniture, sporting goods, holiday merchandise, clothing, shoes, boots
  • Fashion and/or style-sensitive merchandise
  • Excess merchandise, odds and ends, mismatched items
  • Merchandise that is geared for younger, smart-phone savvy buyers: guitars and other instruments, computers and gaming equipment, fashion, jewelry ... the list is endless
  • Used cars and sporting goods
  • Consignment items of any kind
  • Wine and other luxury items with a limited, specific audience
  • Damaged goods - scratch and dent appliances, computers, TVs, pianos, musical instruments ... pretty much anything that people sell can benefit from Bidrax. No food/beverage yet, but we're thinking about it.

Do I get Customer Support?

Yes, we are always standing by ready to smooth over any bumps you may encounter. Our retailers have found that once they got started, Bidrax is really easy to manage.

What if I have an idea for Bidrax?

Send us an email at comments@bidrax.com we would love to hear your suggestions. We have lots of features in mind that we will be introducing over the coming months, but we want to create a product that does what YOU want it to do. We are here to make shopping a better and more fun experience for everybody. Tell us how we can best make that happen for you.


Tips for Retailers

Bidrax is a Tool and, like any tool, can be used in multiple ways depending on your needs. We have a few suggestions based on retailer feedback and experience. Visit our "Tip Page" for great ways to implement Bidrax in your store.

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