Bidrax vs eBay

It's similar, but different.

We have an advantage.

It can be tough to compete with online stores. Shoppers are smart. They have tons of resources available and often know exactly how much something is selling for on eBay or Amazon or wherever they routinely shop. It's not that they prefer shopping online, study after study shows that shoppers prefer the in-store shopping experience by a huge margin, but there is a perception out there that better prices can be found online. They accept the drawbacks of online shopping thinking it is necessary for them to get the deals: you can't touch it, feel it, or try it on; you have to wait for delivery, and the stuff is never as good in person as it is in a photo.  

Here's where Bidrax shines: You have that customer in your store, seeing the merchandise in person. They know exactly what they're getting and they don't have to wait for the UPS truck to arrive in a week. With Bidrax, they get the thrill of the deal. And not only do they save money, but they get immediate gratification. You get the satisfaction of moving your merchandise at the best possible price while ensuring your shoppers feel great about their experience in your store.

No listings. No photos. No nonsense.

Lots of retailers with special goods have turned to eBay to move through stock. That means you need to photograph the stuff, describe it, manage the listing, box it up, and ship it. With luck, the buyer is happy and you don't get slammed with a lousy review. Some retailers are not allowed to move merchandise online, so this isn't even an option for them.

Bidrax is NOT eBay or Priceline ... but the process is similar.

Yes, Bidrax shares the ability to bid and negotiate. But with eBay and similar sites, the buyer doesn't actually see the merchandise until it arrives a week later.

Bidrax is live and in person. You don't list, ship or do any of that other stuff. It's simply an effective way to sell what's already in your store to a customer who is in your store.

We all know how emotional buying can be. When your customer is in your store trying on those bright red Jimmy Choo pumps - the ones that are just perfect for her date that night - you have a much better shot at making that sale than an online retailer. Imagine how much more of an advantage you have when your customer can make you an offer on the spot and walk out the door with them.



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